Problem Details

Using ProblemDetails in .NET Core 3.1 with C#

What is Problem Details? When you are an API developer, you often need to convey errors to the client or consumer of the API. It is not always a happy path when it comes to using an API. Things do go wrong sometimes. Networks fail. Databases encounter issues. Your application could encounter an unhandled exception due to another service downstream that failed to respond correctly! When developing distributed applications, one must design for failure, as there are many points of failure....

May 8, 2021 · 15 min · 2992 words

Web API Versioning

Back-end developers quite often find themselves thinking about making breaking changes to their API. A change that could break the client application consuming the API. We quite often forget how easy it is to cause havoc for our clients by breaking the contract we agreed between front-end and back-end. All sorts of unintentional consequences could arise from this. We recently had a similar conversation at my workplace about how we wanted to deal with the release of a feature we had been working on in the last sprint....

March 12, 2021 · 1 min · 206 words · eakangk