GNU Screen - Dynamic Window Titles, etc - tmux after this

So in one of my previous posts I told you about terminal multiplexing and also mentioned how cool it was. Now is the time to introduce you to GNU Screen. The wikipedia page is a good introduction already. But I should talk about it from my point of view, about how I use it. To be honest, if I knew of the abilities of tmux at the time I got to know about screen, I would have just started using tmux....

February 2, 2014 · 7 min · 1451 words

GNU Screen - Introduction to terminal multiplexing

I thought everyone knew it. But very few actually do. Especially young software engineers. Probably everyone uses a GUI today and don’t interact much with the terminal. In fact many of the new hires at my firm have only heard of the term multiplexer, but never really bothered to use one. So I thought I’d just write a bit about it. I used to be normal putty user till 2011 (which is a shame)....

January 22, 2014 · 3 min · 522 words