Event Storming

Event Storming

Featured image from 3dots Event storming by Alberto Brandolini is a great way to gather information and understanding about a domain. What is it? It is a workshop based method to find out what is happening in the domain of a software program. It is extremely lightweight and intentionally requires no support by a computer. The business process is stormed out as a series of domain events which are denoted as orange stickies and other elements on stickies of different colours on a wall....

April 25, 2021 · 8 min · 1595 words
Domain Driven Design

Why Domain Driven Design

Feature Image by Overview of Domain-Driven Design. Source The DDD Community 2019, pp 6. This is my understanding of the importance of DDD having read books and articles and attended courses on it and also having how projects can get really complex over time and unmaintainable with little knowledge of the domain from personal experience. How does software development look like? Software development is a very unique profession. You almost always create software to solve a real world problem in a very specific domain....

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