Git Undo

Git: Part 5 - Reset and further

In my previous post we went through branching in git and commands that can be used to get changes from one branch to another. Oops! Let us explore some commands that will prove useful when we end up in tricky situations with Git. Reset Reset helps you undo a commit. You know those times when you commit too soon. Git offers you the following levels of control to when you attempt a reset....

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Git: Part 4 - Branching and more

Featured Image: “Forest” by fear-sAs is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 In my previous post we looked at some basic git commands. Let us delve a little deeper into branches. Git Branch A branch in git is really just a pointer to a commit HEAD Head points to the current branch which in turn points to the latest commit in a branch. Same image as earlier but now with reference to HEAD - For nore details refer Git Branching Branches in a Nutshell...

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Git - Part 3

Git: Part 3 - Hands on

Featured Image: please let me hold your hand by pippimuckel is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 In the previous post we went through some concepts and terminology in git. Some basic git commands Create a repository Let us take a look at how we can create a local repository. git init What does it do? Initialises a repository for a project Creates a .git folder for your repository Used by Git to track changes that happen in that repository folder Git stores repository specific settings to that folder It tracks the latest change in a branch in that folder Also stores configuration for the repository in there A new repository, needs some configuration....

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Git Part 2

Git: Part 2 - Some essential concepts

Featured Image “Essentials” by all black long johns is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 In my last post, I introduced you to Git. We talked about its history briefly and how useful it is. In this one, let us explore some key terminology and concepts in Git. That way we have a common language to talk about Git. Remote This is what we generally call the copy of the repository that is maintained somewhere on the server....

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Git: Part 1 - An introduction

Background When I joined the small company that I currently work for, I was suprised at how little some of my coworkers knew about Git. The fact is, there was no reason to be suprised. I had taken my exposure with Git for granted due to the fact that I had been using it for a couple of years before I joined the firm. So as a good citizen, I prepared a little workshop to help others learn....

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