This post is more of a note to self.

PaperMod Update

So last week, after a very long time, I actually spent some time doing some housekeeping on this blog. I decided to check hugo versions and what’s new on paperMod. Found that there were lots of new things. Pulled in the latest and built the site only to realise it broke!

How did you get the latest version?

git submodule update --recursive --remote

So some of the features introduced in the latest version of PaperMod wasn’t supported in the version of Hugo that I had running which was v0.109.0. I am not aware of what features exactly, so can’t really tell you. I didn’t have the time to explore.

So had to go update that to the latest, as of last week, which was v0.123.3. Alright, I hear you ask:

How did I upgrade?

brew update
brew upgrade

Updated brew cache and then upgraded all my brew packages.

So far everything looks great, updates worked. some tiny bit of tweaks to remove references to deprecated twitter shortcode. And I was good to go.

The CI Build

If you have read an earlier post of mine on how I moved to Hugo you can see a gist embedded that shows which hugo build action I used at the time.

It was jakejarvis/hugo-build-action which unfortunately wasn’t updated to support the latest hugo version. This was because, Jake apparently started using Next.js to maintain his website and so the hugo action was just left there.

I personally hadn’t developed any github actions. It is not a complex thing to do, but I honestly didn’t want to waste any more time trying to get back to writing content. So I did what any one would do - search for an alternative action.

Ran into chabad360/hugo-actions which oddly failed with a in the action runtime - Issue 59304

Repeat search for alternative again 🤦.

This time I discovered peaceiris/actions-hugo and succeeding! If you use Hugo, I recommend configuring your CI build using this one.

Finally time to move on to other side-quests.