Do you have a MacOs laptop?

I am not an Apple fan. In fact, I have in the past, bought a Macbook Pro and returned it within the first fourteen days as I felt that what I got was not worth the price.

However, as I have mentioned several times in the past in this blog, my career started on Linux and hence I do like and feel really comfortable navigating the command line. As part of my current role though, I am not coding on a daily basis but primarily helping create an environment where my engineers can be more productive every day.

But we do have some repositories that need occasional commits to reflect team names and members etc. This is when I took a look at the terminal. I quickly realised that MacOs uses zsh these days. I remember it having bash once upon a time. Although much of zsh is similar to bash, there are some differences that wouldn’t really be evident until you write shell scripts. And I was not planning to do that either. So I just wanted my prompt to be smarter and give me the information that I needed at all times, like the git branch I am on etc. Also wanted it to look good, pleasing to my eyes at least.

After some search, I came across Powerlevel10k. This is a fantastic project that allows you theme and customize your prompt, straight out of the box! I wonder why in all my linux years, I never bothered using something like this for my command line. Anyway, it is never too late. Try it out.

If you were here for customizing your bash prompt instead, try out OhMyBash!. Both are very similar in functionality and will help you be more productive.