An incident commander from the future potentially a cyborg

What is Incident Management in Software Engineering?

Background Any software that has ever been built has had a bug or problem of some sort. Quite often these bugs might be silly things that aren’t of any major concern - like a button looking odd or only clicking when the mouse is at a certain part of it. Some bugs on the other hand could have serious impact on the users of the software or those that are indirectly affected by the software - e....

March 2, 2024 · 19 min · 3987 words · eakangk

Site Reliability Engineering vs Devops: What are they? How do they differ?

What is SRE? SRE stands for Site Reliability Engineering. That’s just a lot of words. What does it mean though? Site Reliability engineering is what IT operations would be if it was run by software engineers. That’s an interesting take. But it was not helpful in clarifying anything about SRE just yet. Let’s try probing more. How did we go from Development to SRE? You know the part where people deploy software and then ensure things run fine in production....

December 4, 2021 · 14 min · 2849 words