Back-end developers quite often find themselves thinking about making breaking changes to their API. A change that could break the client application consuming the API. We quite often forget how easy it is to cause havoc for our clients by breaking the contract we agreed between front-end and back-end. All sorts of unintentional consequences could arise from this.

We recently had a similar conversation at my workplace about how we wanted to deal with the release of a feature we had been working on in the last sprint.

So I thought of revisiting some of the versioning work I had done some years ago and decided it might be useful to create a repository for to illustrate how to version APIs in an ASP .NET Core Application. And that’s exactly what I did.

I created a simple API - actually it is a weather forecast api, the default one that gets created using the project template when you pick to create a new ASP .NET Core web application. All I did was elaborate on the different ways you could version the API endpoints.

The project README is the real article here. And it will lead to you to the other articles in the github repository.