I have been building and deploying Azure functions at work and it is really exciting.

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However, due to the time constraints, we often have to learn just enough to build the solution. And this makes me sad 😢 because I like learning things in depth and understanding every detail.

So my solution was to create a tutorial with information to help anyone understand Azure Functions.

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So I created a github repository just for this. The README has all the details, that I would otherwise have put in here. But because it is easier for someone to get all the information about the project with its source code, I chose to keep the actual steps in github.

It is still a work in progress as there is more to come.

What I have there now:

  • Creating a function from Visual studio
  • Publishing the function to Azure using Visual Studio

Next, I would like to show you how to:

  • Configure application insights
  • Configure azure storage account
  • Create a Azure storage queue to output something from this function
  • Store credentials the right way
  • Finally create a build and deploy pipeline that will automatically deploy this function

Hoping to make good use of my time after work, in the coming days.