“01119 (304) 08-09-2009 Curley Cattle Transport - Mack Prime Mover 02-CCT + 3 trailers for cartage of cattle in a yard in Burke Development Road, Normanton, Queensland, Australia.” by express000 is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

When starting this blog, I really hadn’t done enough research onto which platform to start blogging. I previously used to post some of my daily work problems on blogger.

It was alright. But I hadn’t really written many interesting posts apart from posting some problems and solutions. Hopefully importing all those posts into this domain, will not only give them some visibility but also give my blog some content.

I was busy managing deadlines at work that I took a complete hiatus from blogging of any kind. Although occasionally I used to edit some photos and post them on Instagram.

Let us see how wordpress works out, if it goes well, then I might continue here and link to this blog from my personal CV online.

There are so many blogging platforms these days, and some of them specifically targeting software developers by supporting blogs in markdown! This is actually a good reason for devs to move there but I wouldn’t want to lose this domain.

In case you are wondering, it is fairly easy to export a blog from blogger to Wordpress.

No. If you thought there was a button on blogger that would magically send your blog posts to wordpress, then you are mistaken.

This article should help you with your move.