I was trying to explore more about how and where Perl is used on the web. I figured out that there are a lot of web frameworks that are based on Perl. Catalyst seems to be a nice MVC framework that is really popular. I thought I’d take some time off to learn more about it. And I downloaded all the necessary packages and modules and then went on to check out the tutorial which is posted here: Catalyst Tutorial. I am already using Ubuntu on a virtual machine. My laptop came pre-loaded with Windows 8. And I’ve upgraded it to Windows 8.1. I always wanted to own a Linux laptop. But thinking about the lack of availability of games, I chose Windows over Linux. But I still can’t avoid using Linux as I always use it at work. Though recently I made a move to a windows based development team, which still has some code on non-windows based boxes.

So I had to configure a virtual machine inside a virtual machine. I really didn’t think it was possible, because I was ignorant. Then after reading up online, I heard it was possible. Then why not give it a try. After all I wanted to learn catalyst and if their tutorial runs on a virtual machine it must be for a reasons. Yet it is for a reason. Wondered why? Server type of configuration can be too complicated for a novice like me. So in such cases packaging things into a virtual machine makes it a lot easier to get hands on experience sooner.

So now I have the thing running. All I need is to spend a while completing the tutorial. Who knows what challenges lie ahead.

Virtual Box inside a #VirtualBox. Windows running Ubuntu running Debian. pic.twitter.com/jgkVg5NCG9

— Eakan (@eakangk) February 9, 2014