I don’t know if you have even heard of this operating system named OpenVMS by HP. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately I have had a chance to work on it. The operating system has a cool feature, file version is built into the OpenVMS file system. But the problem with this is that if you go into a log directory and list out files, the list could get really long.

I was just trying to make it display things that I usually use on Linux.
ls -lrt

I ended up writing this to get most of what i wanted.
but the sort bit just wouldn’t happen.

dir fma_fe_prt_* /versions=1 /date=modified /owner /size /protection

So I looked it up online and it seems like there has to be a script to do this. Not straightforward. As we are not going to be working on OpenVMS too often, I just don’t care how they do it.

So I just did a search for some help on it and found that there are people using a similar idea, but it had to be scripted.
Here is the link for you explore: http://h71000.www7.hp.com/wizard/wiz_7290.html