For the past few weeks I have been really depressed and pissed at work. I love what I am currently working on but unfortunately I just don’t have enough freedom to do what I want. How would you feel if you had to rely on silly things on a person who belonged to a completely different team?
I work on Vertica. And Vertica has something called a Database designer, which for some reason can only be run by someone who has admin rights. And even though we would get our own dedicated cluster for production, at the moment for development we have been sharing a cluster. And this has proved to be painful and slow. Database designer helps generate projections that can improve query performance and also improve load performance, depending on what you choose when running it. But this bloody tool can only be run by a super user which happens to be our systems engineering team. They aren’t ready to do any sort of other work for us, but they want to have control of DBD. Totally insane logic.
I find it really hard to keep asking someone to run the DBD for me and wait till the end of the day or till he gets time to run after all his work to see the results of the run. And now we have been facing issues wiht the DBD run. The DBD seems to error out when trying to create projections with some absurd reason and error messages have nothing to do with what the actual problem is which makes it even harder to debug.
Sometimes, companies should learn to give a certain level of freedom to developers so that they can get the best out of their developers. This for some reason seems just inappropriate to me. Ridiculously inappropriate. And for this I hate Vertica and my firm now.