I was playing around with Vertica and my friend suddenly asked me what version of Vertica I was using. This was because he was trying to debug something and posted a question to guys from Vertica and they asked him that question. At my workplace we use the same Vertica cluster for development. It is a playground with a lot of restrictions. Without DB Admin access you can’t really explore much in Vertica. But yea we are trying to get the most out it despite all that.

So I wondered if we could find out the version of vertica installed by running an SQL query. I did do a quick search in the documentation but I failed to notice the real answer because there were too many results to my search phrase ‘version’. And I put my trust in the community of experts online at stackoverflow and posted a question there.

And the answer was simple:

 Vertica Analytic Database v6.1.2-0  
(1 row)