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Lessons in the craft of software engineering and engineering management
Pragmatism is a wise quality to have

Lack of product thinking - A rant

Warning This is a rant about software engineers forgetting the role they have to play in changing the lives of the people they serve. Instead thinking only about trying out a new fancy technology or tool or architectural pattern that everyone else is talking about or FAANG has popularised. We keep forgetting that just because we can, doesn’t mean we should. A lot of engineers believe that microservices architecture is the ideal way to develop software these days....

April 1, 2024 · 3 min · 571 words · eakangk
If Van Gogh painted user interface themes...

Using Hugo Modules for themes

Did you know Hugo has this feature called Modules? Apparently built on the same concepts of Go Modules, which shouldn’t be a surprise. So having used all my hugo themes so far as Git Submodules, I wanted to switch over to this method. Hugo modules are considered to be the building blocks of Hugo. It is the Hugo way of modularising your static website. Apparently you can create a theme as a module and content as another module and use them together in a third module to serve as your static website....

April 1, 2024 · 3 min · 513 words
An incident commander from the future potentially a cyborg

What is Incident Management in Software Engineering?

Background Any software that has ever been built has had a bug or problem of some sort. Quite often these bugs might be silly things that aren’t of any major concern - like a button looking odd or only clicking when the mouse is at a certain part of it. Some bugs on the other hand could have serious impact on the users of the software or those that are indirectly affected by the software - e....

March 2, 2024 · 19 min · 3987 words · eakangk

What is my Management Philosophy

I was recently re-reading, actually, listening to Camille Fournier’s The Manager’s path. In one of the chapters, Camille talks about some questions to ask when hiring managers. One of those questions was - What is your management philosophy? This took me by surprise. I hadn’t thought of it myself. How would I have answered that? What is my management philosophy anyway? Philosophy By definition Philosophy has several meanings The study of nature, causes or principles of reality, knowledge, or values, based on logical reasoning system of thought based on or involving such study an underlying theory or set of ideas relating to a particular field of activity or to life as a whole In this question’s context, it is the third definition that we are looking for from the prospective managerial candidate....

February 20, 2024 · 7 min · 1295 words · eakangk

The journey of an email - from sender to receiver and everything in between

Background In my previous role, while working in the Insurance domain, we provided a mobile app to all customers who bought cyber insurance. This had some cool value added services that helped small enterprises check if their employees’ knowledge of cyber security is good enough to protect the organisation from being compromised. Thus we implemented a one-click phishing campaign solution, which enabled users to click a button and initiate a phishing campaign for the organisation....

February 18, 2024 · 12 min · 2397 words · eakangk